West Chester MRO Division

9826 Crescent Park Drive
West Chester, OH 45069
Phone: 513-759-3528
Fax: 513-779-4947
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Our West Chester Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) operation specializes in a variety of critical machining functions, special process heat treatments and critical inspection applications.  Located on the same campus as our OEM business, the West Chester MRO operation maintains a unique position, leveraging synergies between the two business segments, emulating the comprehensive Barnes Aerospace
‘Go-to-Market’ strategy.

Barnes Aerospace's Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) divisions meet the most critical industry specifications for aftermarket repair.  These divisions deliver high quality and cost-effective solutions.  We are proud of our numerous Source Demonstration Repair Approvals, making Barnes Aerospace among the world's most elite repair sources.  Our three MRO divisions are FAA and EASA certified repair stations.  Please contact us if you are interested in receiving further information.

Our team is a trusted outsourcing partner with primary in-house capabilities that include:

  • Electron beam welding (EBW) and automatic TIG welding
  • High pressure water jet stripping
  • CNC milling, turning, and grinding
  • Plasma and wire arc coating
  • Heat treat and thermal processing
  • Vacuum brazing
  • X-Ray and non-destructive testing
  • CNC shot peening
  • Corrosion resistant painting
  • Advanced HF cleaning process
  • 5-axis laser machining

Our aftermarket operations are committed to maintaining our position as one of the world’s foremost repair sources, providing extensive and economical repair techniques world-wide, touting x-ray and                    non-destructive testing, shot peening and corrosion resistant painting.

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Barnes Aerospace's West Chester MRO Division is an industry leader in turbine engine component repair, overhaul, and modification services with global FAA and EASA certified repair stations.

With in-house capabilities to meet the most critical industry specifications, Barnes Aerospace's Windsor Airmotive Division delivers high quality and cost-effective service solutions to our customers.

FAA Certified Repair Station #KKWR148K
EASA Certified Repair Station #145.5353
CAAC Approved #F00100456
Source Approvals
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