Component Manufacturing

Barnes Aerospace manufactures precision machined and fabricated components and assemblies for engines, nacelles, and airframes for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), globally. Our complex components and assemblies are made of exotic and high-temperature metals, including titanium, iconel, hastelloy, stainless steel and nickel alloy materials. Moreover, we are a trusted partner for turbine maintenance programs including Revenue Sharing Programs (RSPs).

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Manufacturing Partnerships

Barnes Aerospace is a trusted partner for OEMs. Our team of experts offers new product introduction, manufacturing research, testing, and evaluation, as well as expert manufacturing capabilities of components and assemblies, with specialization in these key areas: precision machining, fabrications, kits and assemblies, including on-site metallurgical labs.

Each of our locations offers customers total program management support throughout the entire life cycle of the products.  We partner with OEMs to understand their requirements so we can deliver industry-leading turn-around times (TAT).

4- and 5-axis milling centers
5-axis lathe and vertical turret lathes
Abrasive and electron discharge assemblies
Complex assemblies
Electrical discharge and laser cutting
Grinding, including continuous dressing, rise and fall
Machining of titanium, inconel, cobalt
Multi-axis milling and turning
Non-conventional machining
Rotary, continuous dress and creep feed grinding
Turbine, compressor and combustor

Cold forming
Diffusion bonding
Honeycomb brazing and grinding
Hot and superplastic forming
Laser and water jet cutting technologies
Multi-axis machining
Sutton Core Process – Advanced diffusion bonding structure
Welding and brazing

CNC turning
Inside Diameter/Outside Diameter (ID/OD) centerless and surface grinding
Honing and lapping

Bleed Valve Ducts
External Ducts and Heat Shields
Metal Leading Edges
Tip Caps and Trailing Edges
Splitter Fairing and Core Fairings

Center Bodies
Exhaust Skins and Nozzle Assemblies
Pylon Details and Assemblies
Thrust Reverser Components

APU Ducts
Door Thresholds
New Parts Manufacturer
Specialty Doors
Windshield Surrounds
Wing Splices

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