MRO Capabilities

Aerospace’s MRO facilities, located in North America, Europe and Asia, specialize in the repair and refurbishment of highly engineered components and assemblies such as cases, rotating life limited parts, rotating air seals, turbine shrouds, vanes and honeycomb air seals. Our aftermarket facility in Malaysia is focused on the supply of spare parts.

In-House Capabilities Include:


When it comes to cases, our aftermarket team has extensive welding expertise, including electron beam welding and automatic TIG welding. We are specialized in full section replacements involving both standard and extended flanges. We also have the capability to replace struts, bowls, bosses, heat shields, and stator vanes.

Casings & Frames

  • Intermediate Case
  • HPC Case
  • Diffuser Case
  • Bearing Housings
  • TOBI Duct
  • Combustor Case
  • HPT Case
  • HP/IP Case
  • LPT Case
  • Turbine Exhaust Case
  • Turbine Exhaust Duct
  • Vane Rings
Cases image - part and employee

Rotating Parts

Our rotating component repair expertise lies in the refurbishment of knife-edges, utilizing our specialized machining and welding capabilities. Plasma spraying, shot peening, hard coating, and specialized painting processes are used to ensure tight tolerances, fatigue resistance, reduced part wear, and corrosion protection.

Rotating Components

  • LPC Drum Rotors/Spools
  • HPC Drum Rotors/Spools
  • HPC Rotor Hubs
  • Stub Shafts
  • HP Turbine Disks
  • LPT Disks
Rotating Parts image - employee


At Barnes Aerospace, we are a leader in turn-time performance for the repair of stationary seal components available to the industry today. We use high temperature brazing technologies to provide extensive seal repair services, including advanced cleaning and hole drilling of high-pressure turbine shrouds and brazing of sinter-filled and non-filled honeycomb. These seals are located throughout the engine and play a significant role in engine performance.

Stationary Seals

  • Air Seals
  • Hangers
  • HPC Honeycomb Segments
  • HPT Shroud Segments
  • LPC Honeycomb Segments
  • LPT Honeycomb Segments
  • Shroud Segments
  • Turbine Shrouds
Shrouds_Seals - precision parts image
Why Choose Barnes Aerospace?

  • GE, Pratt & Whitney, Rolls Royce, and Safran (SNECMA) Engines

  • Casings/Frames
  • Rotating Parts
  • Shrouds/Seals

  • Commercial Engines – CFM56 (All Models), CF6, CF34, GE90, PW2000 (All Models), PW4000, RB211 (All Models), Trent 500, Trent 700, Trent 800, Trent 900, and V2500.
  • Energy (Industrial) Gas Turbines – LM2500, LM5000, LM6000, LMS100 GG4, GG8, SGT700, and Frame 7/9
  • Military Engines – F100, F110, F117, F118, F119, F135, F404, F414, TF34, and CFM56-2

  • More than a century of experience, backed by publicly traded Barnes (NASDAQ: B)
FAA/EASA/CAAC certified repair stations in
North America and Asia

East Granby-Connecticut-BP, CT

  • FAA (United States) 2MBR129D

East Granby-Connecticut-S, CT

  • FAA (United States) KC1R265K
  • EASA (European Union) EASA.145.5020
  • CAAC (China) F00100457

North America - West Chester, OH

  • FAA (United States) KKWR148K
  • EASA (European Union) EASA.145.5353
  • CAAC (China) F00100456

North America - Warren, MI

  • FAA (United States) QGIR458L
  • EASA (European Union) EASA.145.4484

Asia - Singapore

  • FAA (United States) ZWDY470L
  • EASA (European Union) EASA.145.0040
  • CAAC (China) F06500262
  • CAAM (Malaysia) FAMO/2017/45
  • CAAS (Singapore) AWI/106
  • TCCA (Canada)

Asia - Taoyuan

  • FAA (United States) C50Y850N
  • EASA (European Union) EASA.145.0025
  • CAA (Taiwan) CAA-RS-006
  • CAAS (Singapore) AWI/151
  • HKCAD (Hong Kong) AI/241/0522 *1
  • JCAB (Japan) 272
  • TCCA.FAA MIP (Canada) 5015 – 19004
  • UK CAA (United Kingdom) UK.145.01731